The 15 Must-Read Remote Work Blogs for a Great Remote Career

We suggest that you do your research, look at climate charts in Google searches and look at precipitation annual patterns. Like above, ask around to check with locals or expats if what you see online rings true from what they recall. With remote work, you get to choose a season that you thrive in, if you wish to travel and work remotely away from home. Weather can play a BIG part of a short workation or a long-term remote work travel stint.

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We roughly pay $25-$35 per 500 words, which usually takes our writers 30 minutes to complete. The payment for each project may vary depending on the difficulty, turnaround time, and word count. Venture With Impact has upcoming retreats in places like Lisbon, Mexico City, and New Orleans.

The Cost of Living in Thailand – A Guide for Digital Nomads

I also make a piece of my income doing marketing and SEO consulting, so I am entirely outside of the travel writing space for about 40% of my income. I find it’s more like a job when I ghost write, and for now, I like it. I don’t see a lot of long-term income in travel writing, so I have always looked at it as part of a larger strategy. New writers and bloggers should keep just three things in mind really. First, aggressively hone your skills and continually strive to become a better writer.

You’ll travel through two countries in 12 weeks while taking an online course focused on entrepreneurship. Personal mentoring, workshops, flights, and co-working spaces are all included to help you push yourself and achieve. If you’re interested in travelling while working remotely, here’s my tips and what you’ll need for creating a productive portable office set up while on the road. Dan joined a Remote Year work and travel program a year before he and I did one together! When Dan first left for Remote Year on his own, he didn’t have a ton of international travel experience. Trying to navigate flights, coworking spaces and living arrangements sounded like an overwhelming endeavor if he were to figure it out from scratch.

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Remote jobs are like regular jobs, but don’t require you to go into an office every day because the work can be done remotely, typically, from home. These are typically done under the umbrella of a long-term fixed contract be it full-time or part-time. It is important to differentiate between remote jobs which can be part time or full time versus becoming a freelancer and essentially being an online entrepreneur who works online. Interest in remote jobs which can be done from anywhere has increased significantly in recent years and more and more today companies allow their employees to now work online.

If you are right, you can make big gains, if you are wrong, you can lose all your money. Telemedicine is now a possibility through the services offered by many insurance companies, hospitals and platforms specifically set up for this. This is the case for telemedicine and online therapy work that used to be done at a doctor’s office and which is now done via video call.

Working While Traveling: Tips for Remote Work

If you have great people skills and administrative experience, working as a virtual assistant can be one of the best digital nomad jobs. You’re responsible for helping others with a wide variety of tasks, including data entry, customer support, scheduling appointments, and more. While there are plenty of available positions for virtual assistants in the United States and Europe, you won’t need to stick around any specific location to do your job.

work remote travel blog

If you have any questions about the best places to work remotely in the USA, or if you want to share your experience working remotely, let us know in the comment section below. Take a cruise to Alcatraz, go shopping at the Ferry Building Marketplace, go hiking in Muir Woods, spend the afternoon in Sausalito, and explore the neighborhoods of San Francisco. Fort Lauderdale, which lies to the north of Miami, also makes a great place to work remotely in the USA, and prices of living here will be a little bit cheaper than Miami. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a great place to live and work.

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Many VA roles might encompass a portion of content management or editing into their scope but there are also entire remote and online job positions devoted to this kind of role. As such, the skills and experience required are very different from those needed to run other social media accounts and many experts have decided to focus only on this social network. Many people prefer a nomadic lifestyle and want to teach English online instead of abroad in a classroom because of the flexibility it affords. What’s more, the job itself is part of the digital economy so it is even more geared towards online freelancers, virtual employees and generally anyone who is looking to work and travel. This why this otherwise brick and mortar sounding job is actually one of the easiest to do remotely while traveling the world. Over 5 million blog posts are published every day so it should come as no surprise that becoming a blogger is one of the most obvious ways to have an online job that you can do from anywhere.

You’ll love the year-round summer weather in the most popular city of the Canary Islands. Las Palmas boasts a strong community of digital nomads and expats, plus the local population couldn’t be friendlier. This sun-drenched city is bursting with Canarian food, bubbling nightlife, and a relaxed vibe — the perfect destination for travel-hungry working professionals.

I started my journey in the U.S. then went to Central America, Europe, North Africa, Asia, and then back to Europe. During this time I’ve found some truly incredible second homes and have created a list of all my favorite locations that I’ll share with you. You should pack as light as possible while making sure you have clothes suitable for business meetings. Invest in a powerful and lightweight laptop, noise-canceling headphones, and anything else that facilitates your remote work ambitions.

Blogging is perhaps the easiest online business to start … but the hardest to master. For those who do master it, being a blogger can be one of the most rewarding and effective digital nomad jobs out there. With international travel ramping up in the post-pandemic world, there are many destinations that are welcoming digital nomads and location independent workers with open arms. Many digital nomads seem to congregate in certain “hub” countries due to a combination of low-cost living, decent internet access, and the ability to renew tourist visas over and over again. To me, the key difference is that digital nomads tend to travel more frequently or live a backpacker lifestyle.

Consider these general freelance job websites:

If you’re working on the go, you can’t afford to not be connected. Sure, you’ll likely be connecting to the Wi-Fi in your accommodation, but a SIM card allows you to remain connected while out and about. You’ll need it to help with map directions, call Ubers and to search for information on local things to do.

How can I work remotely in Europe?

A digital nomad visa is a type of visa that allows you to work remotely for a country registered outside of the country you have chosen to currently live in. Typically, to work in another country, you must have a work permit, and be registered as a taxpayer.

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